Original clothing

We started t-lab in 2010. As designers, we were looking for a creative way to express ourselves and t-shirts, with their history of youthful, easy-going style seemed like a great way to do it.

We chose the name t-lab because the whole project was an experiment, creating a design approach that was different to anything else.

t-lab shirts take their inspiration from a wide range of sources, including art, design, sport and popular culture.

They feature bold use of shape and colour with a minimalist less-can-be-more attitude. We take a lateral look at our subject matter, finding new ways to express ideas.

Since starting t-lab, we have seen our designs featured in publications and websites in many different countries, and although still a small company we now sell shirts around the world.

Our aim for the future is to create an ever-improving range of designs, all held together by our distinctive design approach of lateral thinking and sharp styling.