Pikes Peak Audi
7th September 2017

Ultimate eighties?

Smooth, fast and sophisticated the Audi Quattro was in many ways the pin-up boy of the automotive 80s. And the ultimate Audi Quattro was the 1987 Audi Quattro Pikes Peak rally car.

Built as a one-off to win the Pikes Peak rally one last time before Audi quit rallying, the car had over 700bhp and a revolutionary new chassis design.

Driven by Walter Röhrl, the car won in some style, beating arch-rivals Peugot and becoming the first car to climb the peak in under 11 minutes. Audi then promptly announced its retirement from rallying, allowing them to leave at the top, with a big smile on their face.

The car’s quattro name, angular styling, spectacular array of spoilers and all-round-madness made it into an instant 80s icon.