13th April 2018

You say you want a revolution…

Our Music, wine, revolution shirt is a typographical look at the (often French) inclination to combine the seemingly innocent pastimes of conversation, music and wine and transform them into something else far more profound.


We like the idea of a few friends meeting up, in a stripped down basement bar. At first the talk is of smaller things but the music plays, the conversation heats up, the wine flows, the world must be put to rights and its time for – revolution!


For our design we wanted the word ‘revolution’ to stand out, as the unexpected love-child of music and wine. In early roughs we looked at putting the the word into a bolder font or brighter colour. Whilst this had the desired effect of highlighting ‘revolution’ it felt too slow, too pedestrian.

It was only when we overlaid the words directly on top of each other did we find the sense of energy and confusion (great elements for a revolution) that we were looking for. The word revolution is easily legible, but there is a disturbance behind it and its only with closer inspection that the words music and wine can be made out and the idea becomes apparent.

Our Music, wine, revolution shirt is available in two colourways. The first colourway is on a black shirt, perfect for moody revolutionaries. The second, softer, colourway is printed on a sky blue shirt – perfect for moody revolutionaries who also like the beach.