21st March 2014

Great runways of the world – designer’s notes

We’ve always had a soft spot for airports at t-lab. Its not the coffee bars and duty-free shops (God, no) – it’s what happens on the other side of the window. Huge, sleek machines flying off to distant destinations in a roar of speed and power. Plus that lingering trace of ‘sixties jet-set glamour – fur coats, movie stars and cigarettes in holders.  TWA Terminal

When seen from the air, airports take on new identities. The queues and carousels are replaced by a carefully engineered transport network – roads into car parks, car parks to terminals, terminals to departure gates.

But its the runways that really catch the eye. Built on a huge scale, the swooping curves and long runway straights, interspersed with myriad connecting lanes create abstract and surprisingly delicate patterns, at odds with their vastness.

It was this combination of power and pattern that we wanted to put onto our shirts. The design is semi-abstract, and like many of our designs, it isn’t immediately apparent what the shirt is about. We like that, so long as it looks good.

If you want to know more, there a few notes about the design shown below.

Miami airport t-shirt