7th July 2013

Eau Rouge Design Notes

As an idea, ‘Great Bends of the World’ was always a bit left-field for a t-shirt series. But the sales of our first t-shirt 08 Parabolica seemed to say otherwise. A few months later we followed it up with 016 Karussell and sales were similarly high.

So what bend, then, should we choose next? We asked some of the customers who visited our stand at Autosport International, and the answer was overwhelming – Eau Rouge.

When people say Eau Rouge they generally mean the combination of bends that is Eau Rouge and Raidillion. How you approach one affects the other, and getting a good exit speed is essential to gain time on the long Kemmel straight that follows.

Eau rouge graphic xx

For our shirt colour – Parabolica was italian racing red and Karussell was light grey to reflect German racing silver. Belgium’s racing colour, however, is yellow and it was never going to feel right. In the end we went for charcoal grey, a neutral colour which allows the white track and Belgian flag to stand out nicely.

After its launch at Race Retro, Eau Rouge went on to be our fastest selling t-shirt yet.