12th June 2015

Addicted to t-shirts

Our Swedish friend, journalist and all-round nice guy Joakim has just confessed to the world that he’s ‘addicted to t-shirts’ – he has over over 200 of them. Luckily for us he’s a big fan of t-lab and has just featured our Endurance shirt on his blog at autosport.se

Swedish isn’t our strongest language, so here’s what the post says, according to Google translate

I am a t-shirt addict . Especially if the pressure is related to cars . The wardrobe has well about 200 T- shirts and I ‘d be lying if I did not say that the majority are car-related .

But one can be a bit subtle in their interest . This came in the mail last week , ordered from T -lab in England. This company has lots of cool shirts with prints of famous race path curves. I have so clearly most …  But now it was time to pay attention to Le Mans and the 24 Hours which takes place this weekend. You can find me in the TV sofa.

Nice rim !

Thanks Joakim, and yes, its a lovely rim.